{Sweet Customers} Chance’s Carnival Party Styled by Kimmie

One of my best customers, Kimmie, mom of 6 and owner of Sincerely Style put together this most adorable Carnival/ Circus Party for one of her clients using Party Perfect’s Carnival Party Printables. The detail and ideas she had to make this party a great time were amazing. If you’re in the Phoenix area check her out for all of your party planning needs. She does hair and interior design as well!! Talk about multi-talented!


Photography by Heidi Lea Photography, check out her work here

Cakes by Stacked Cakes by Jennifer and Lamay, see there page here

Cupcakes by Christal’s Cupcakes, see her page here

Now onto the photos!

 photo 400977_547895758583156_414104178_n.jpg
 photo 972133_547912411914824_778943129_n.jpg
 photo 65678_547899718582760_2082431306_n.jpg
 photo 253374_547897231916342_1426778033_n.jpg
 photo 252292_547899815249417_1740677619_n.jpg
 photo 261731_547899221916143_1428651688_n.jpg
 photo 292473_547919291914136_933181934_n.jpg
 photo 401113_547898378582894_742415842_n.jpg
 photo 481552_547897145249684_1315850178_n.jpg
 photo 579341_547897438582988_736388704_n.jpg
 photo 579353_547899008582831_51642432_n.jpg
 photo 580305_547920151914050_1666533042_n.jpg
 photo 922796_547897895249609_1644604698_n.jpg
 photo 941803_547901588582573_506364650_n.jpg
 photo 942680_547897691916296_853106737_n.jpg
 photo 943009_547899388582793_1458360352_n.jpg
 photo 943030_547898901916175_629032816_n.jpg
 photo 969848_547898718582860_39859365_n.jpg
 photo 971954_547899605249438_1620085498_n.jpg

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