{Sweet Customers} A Balloon Filled Second Birthday Party by Sincerely Style

Another beautiful party from Kimmie at Sincerely Style!

Kimmie contacted me a month or so ago to design something fun for her littlest’s 2nd birthday. Channing is such a lucky boy! Mom did an amazing job as always right down to every detail.  I am sure he had a great time! We did some fun balloon themed printables with an adorable little elephant! So cute. The printables are available in the shop HERE:

If an invitation is all you need you can find that HERE.

She had a cake made by Stacked Cakes by Jennifer and Lamay
and cupcakes by Christals Cupcakes.

The whole event was then photographed by Heidi Lea Photography

Such an amazing group of talented ladies!

Here are the photos from the day…
 photo 1010172_559733730732692_510444673_n.jpg
 photo 1011126_559734990732566_877060829_n.jpg
 photo 999895_559734437399288_1144621815_n.jpg
 photo 1013417_559734534065945_1876280474_n.jpg
 photo 1001173_559736687399063_1297668055_n.jpg
 photo 1000427_559736940732371_1799728610_n.jpg
 photo 972132_559736620732403_513373662_n.jpg
 photo 8636_559734874065911_173805328_n.jpg
 photo 1017571_559735537399178_1956107576_n.jpg
 photo 971468_559736810732384_1675270884_n.jpg
 photo 19908_559734630732602_1590621292_n.jpg
 photo 998880_559737550732310_1342203203_n.jpg
 photo 189878_10201483747441534_1606599675_n.jpg

Happy Birthday Channing!!!

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