{Sweet Customers} Camp Jerry 8th Birthday sleepover

This party is extra special to me as it happens to by my son’s best buddy! Jerry’s mom, Amber did such a great job putting everything together for these lucky boys! She featured my Camp printables in her decor.

She kicked off the fun with this invitation from my shop. It can be found here.


The lucky boys had dinner at Red Robin, watched the new LEGO movie in the theater and then camped the night away in the comfort of a tent in the basement on a cold March night with tons of snacks, lanterns for each boy and I’m sure a ton of laughter!! My son couldn’t stop talking about the fun he had and I couldn’t stop raving to Amber about the awesome set up she did. Here are some photos of the printables available here in my shop.

1959922_236617256526553_1654263869_n15192_236617743193171_914002335_n 1013220_236617856526493_255956370_n 1424354_236617819859830_449367871_n 1517590_236617846526494_281250262_n 1653463_236617769859835_1554314712_n 1798844_236617793193166_472320199_n 1898056_236617796526499_1125776919_n 1904076_236617719859840_1922265249_n 1948091_236617746526504_1675014788_n 1978697_236617659859846_402106714_n1186737_236618123193133_1918372915_n 1517583_236704539851158_1330306566_n

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